The Timeless Treasures Asia Collection

As part of the bamboo Asia Collection by Timeless Treasures, the Timeless Treasures Bamboo Asia Collection Floral is one design that you can’t resist buying. From the detailed floral pattern down to the background of the flower, you can surely say that this is one design that was made with heart and soul. Capturing the true meaning in a drawing is hard but with Timeless Treasures, they were able to give importance to the design making it a very elegant fabric. The fabric is made from the finest quality of light weight cotton made especially for quilting fabric and it has the standard width of 44 inches.

The Timeless Treasures Bamboo Asia Collection Yellow signifies simplicity with its unique design. The design was inspired by the flowers in the garden with a soft touch and the gorgeous yellow floral pattern makes is a wonderful fabric to be used in the living room. It is 100% light weight cotton.


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