Free Spirit Mums by Martha Negley

The creativity and simplicity of Martha Negley has come to life with this three fabulous fabric design made for Free Spirit. The right combination of colors makes the Free Spirit Mums Natural fabric design so lovely and so natural that makes you bring the flowers in your home.

With a touch of orange for the leaf and green for the petals makes the Free Spirit Mums Orange fabric design captures the beauty of mums in their natural surroundings growing side by side with nature.

The Free Spirit Mums Pink fabric design has the right balance of colors and the right shade of pink. The fabric designs were inspired by the flower mums simplicity that can be associated with life yet its beauty is beyond comparison and unique from other flowers. The design captures the beauty of mums in exquisite colors and textures which can be seen in their natural environment. The fabric is made from the finest quality of cotton and it is 100% light weight. It is available in standard width of 44 inches.


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