The Hyakkaryouran

The Hyakkaryouran 5 – Blossom by Quilt Gate is a beautiful fabric design that depicts the beauty of the flower and nature. The unique design of the fabric makes it appealing to the eye especially when the motif of the room is related to the fabric. The bold and vibrant large-scale geisha fan designs and the floral design is inspired by the blossoming of the flowers in the wild. The unique blending of colors makes it vibrant. This design will surely attract attention and they will wonder how a simple beauty can have so much design.

While the Hyakkaryouran 5 – Chartreuse unique design makes it an eye-catcher. This fabric design is able to make a statement. The flowers are properly drawn and one can surely say that the fabric design is planned and properly prepared. The mixture of colors is properly balanced and each flower in the picture properly depicted. The fabric is made from the finest quality of cotton and it is 44” wide. These designs will surely speak out and stand out from the rest.


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