Looking for Decorative Throw Pillows

Old and classical works of art comprises history and culture caught in its own unique way. That's why most classical works of art and pieces are being welcomed till now. But if you are not a huge fan of classical designs, modifying that old, uninteresting and lifeless looking room can quite be a challenge. Happily, there are recent pieces of art that you can employ to make incredible designs that are hip, cool and modern.

One of the most well liked way to reinvent your home and bring it up to date is by employing different bold and modern pieces of furniture. You can see on most furniture stores that they possess incredibly high costs. So what is the next best thing if you can't afford to make furniture changes?

The answer is by simple: Use modern throw pillows. Modern throw pillows are small modern accent pieces and illuminating big spaces instead of using heavy furniture.

Follow these easy steps to start changing that old classical room to a whimsical and more contemporary feel and look that you always wanted.

1. Move furniture away from each other and keep huge or heavy home decors away from the center, also if at all possible eliminate them. You wished to open up spaces so that the look would be fresh and not cluttered or compacted.

2. Hang curtains that have sleek and metallic look to them. Fabrics now are so well designed that can fool the eye. In this fashion you are bringing bold and modern look into your walls. Keep away from old, vintage pattern curtains.

3. Put different throw pillows at diverse angles. Don't accept the traditional one throw pillow one chair at a time goal. You can add many throw pillows as you need but ensure that there's sufficient space to sit nicely.

4. Use unique and eccentric throw pillows with bold patterns. Today's sophisticated throw pillows are being created with bold and glamorous sense of fashion that can bring your room up to date.

5. Buy small and cheap home decor pieces to compliment on your new modern place. Keep in mind to follow glass and steel construction with regards to modern taste of design. Glass tables and glass frames will do best considering they are inexpensive and trendy.

Remember that achieving a modern style is fun and easy if you keep these ideas in mind. Don’t buy big and heavy furniture just to make your room look modern and cool. Instead settle for tiny details that when combined all together creates one bold and contemporary feel within your place.

Funky and Fresh Modern Pillows

If you're searching for a funky and fresh new decor for your pad, its got to be the modern pillow. Check out the the Modern Bud Raspberry Floral Throw Pillow from  It can be placed either on your couch or bed to brighten up your room. Go fun and match it with raspberry scent! Feel the smoothness of the fabric used. This red pillow has first-class cotton within, which makes it so soft, you can play and throw it with your family. You have so many decisions of colours to fit your style and personality. You can select from raspberry, flax brown, glacier blue, rust orange to sand. You can mix colors or do it by pairs.

Be experimental and put away those old-fashioned throw pillows! We would like you to enjoy the stylish ambiance of these pillows with no need to worry on its cost. Colours and designs were scrupulously picked to be certain they can be matched and go along on any furnitures or carpets you have at home. The Bud-designed pillow will make your space so pleasant. Like this fashionable but not so dear Raspberry-colored pillow! There are six vibrant colors to choose between, so you can definitely show the hip and lovable side of you!

Purses, Cluthes, HandBads, and Pillows

Hi Everyone,
I just wanted to give you a quick heads up that we're working on a new website just to showcase our purses, handbads and pillows.  The new website will be under our corporate identity  We're very excited about this new line of products and being able to provide it to our customers.

For the time being, you can continue to find us on our etsy account.

Brighten Up a Neutral Couch with Throw Pillows

Imagine Throw Pillows has written an article on how to brighten up your boring couch with throw pillows.  Within the article they describe several different methods for matching colors to bring out the best in your sofa.  By decorating with throw pillows one can save hundreds or thousands of dollars in decorating costs.

Rest assured that you can learn much about decorating with throw pillows and can always shop for new throw pillows at Imagine Throw Pillows.  Good luck decorating and have fun with it.

Valori Wells Fabric - Olive Rose Quilt Pattern

You got to love the colors used in this Valori Wells Fabric collection called Olive Rose.  Olive Rose was originally inspired by Valori Wells' daughter and it is a vision of an old favorite - the rose. 
Valori Wells designed this beautiful Olive Rose Collection exclusively for Free Spirit.  The quilt pattern can be downloaded from the Free Spirit website.

If you want a sample of a variety of designs from the Valori Wells fabric collection, try this pre-cut Fat Quarter set.  This Valori Wells Fat Quarter Set contains 25 Fat Quarters that can be used for so many creative projects.  What a great way to get almost an entire collection without having to purchase each design by the yard.

Kaffe Fassett Lake Blossom

From the family of painters comes an artist that is a free spirit, Kaffe Fassett has been in the industry for the past 40 years. His keen eye for details and his unabashed love of deep rich colors that makes his design a foundation in the quilting world. The Lake Blossom Red fabric design has a magnificent mixture of colors that makes it so special and it reaches you to shop more of that design. The design concepts are truly amazing and it is also available in two more colors, taupe and yellow. With an artist coming from a line of artist makes this fabric design so especial and unique. The Lake Blossom Taupe is an example of simplicity yet it depicts that the artist is carefully choosing the color used in the design. The flower concept makes it a fabric design that every home must have. Upon seeing the taupe color of the fabric, you will feel the soothing effect and elegant of the color taupe. The Lake Blossom Yellow, the fabric design that is an eye catcher to your visitors’ once they see this fabric design. The fabric design is full of vibrant and colors that is very refreshing to the eye. This product is made from the finest cotton, and it is available in 44”/45”. You can be assured of a nice and soothing atmosphere.

Michael Miller - Waterlily

This extraordinaire fabric was inspired by the flowers that are solitary, colorful and fragrant. The characteristics of the flower with leaves that float on the surface make it a fine subject for a fabric design. The color mixture of the Michael Miller – Waterlily Blush fabric makes it so exquisite because of the multi pink colors and a touch of shade of green that acts as the leaves. You can relax by just imagining this flowers floating freely in the pond. Using this fabric for your decorating need will surely bring the pond right in your home.

The Michael Miller – Waterlily Meadow fabric will surely attract and tempt you to touch the flower. The combination of light green and white colors for the flower makes it so cool to the eyes. Making you think that you should have a pond right at your door step. This wonder fabrics are available at ImagineFabric.

The fabric designs were made for Michael Miller as part of the Ginger Blossom collection of Sandi Henderson.

Free Spirit Mums by Martha Negley

The creativity and simplicity of Martha Negley has come to life with this three fabulous fabric design made for Free Spirit. The right combination of colors makes the Free Spirit Mums Natural fabric design so lovely and so natural that makes you bring the flowers in your home.

With a touch of orange for the leaf and green for the petals makes the Free Spirit Mums Orange fabric design captures the beauty of mums in their natural surroundings growing side by side with nature.

The Free Spirit Mums Pink fabric design has the right balance of colors and the right shade of pink. The fabric designs were inspired by the flower mums simplicity that can be associated with life yet its beauty is beyond comparison and unique from other flowers. The design captures the beauty of mums in exquisite colors and textures which can be seen in their natural environment. The fabric is made from the finest quality of cotton and it is 100% light weight. It is available in standard width of 44 inches.

Alexander Henry Viceroy Home Decor Fabric

The Viceroy Black & White Home decor fabric design makes it a timeless and exquisite fabric design. The viceroy makes is simply stunning and this fabric is made part of the Fashion for Home Premier Collection by Alexander Henry. Simple yet elegant, this fabric can add color to a dull environment. The design makes you relax and think of the beautiful things around us. It is made from the finest quality of oxford cloth cotton and the design is printed on a 45” wide fabric. The design is also available in Viceroy Green & White Home decor fabric which has a strong effect on visitors. The white background clearly indicates the stunning design and it is clearly seen by the viewer. The simple design of the fabric makes it a great fabric for simple people. The design can be match with every POS. The elegance of green and simple ideas makes this fabric a must have for the home.

Michael Miller - Dahlia Autumn

The Dahlia Autumn fabric design is inspired by the blooming of the dahlia in autumn. The fabric features a fully bloomed dahlia with its colorful petals widely open for nature to see the beauty of its creation. The color combination of orange and green makes it so beautiful as if you are holding the flower in your hands. This fabric is made from the fines quality of cotton which was carefully selected in order to ensure that the fabric meets the quality required to him. Michael Miller is truly an artist when it comes to simplicity and quality of fabric that he designs. You will be inspired by the radiant designs which come to life in every fabric. This will simply add color to your home.

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