Decorating with Throw Pillows

If you want to re-decorate your home but are on a low budget, buying a new furniture piece can be frustrating and very depressing. Most of us take a look at different couches or sofas that would fit best on our newly rented or renovated living room.  Upon scouting furniture stores, don’t be surprised to see expensive and super high priced sofas or couches. Prices still depends on the type, size and materials being used on them. The more luxurious the material is, commonly denotes a high end type of furniture it is and for this it only means the higher price it gets.

So why don’t you use that old sofa or couch instead of buying a brand new one? As long as it is working absolutely fine and possesses a real beauty then why waste your money buying a latest one? If you’re thinking that the style, color and appearance are mainly old and dull looking, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. The secret to restoring an old and monotonous looking sofa or couch is none other than splashing great arrays of vividly made throw pillows on them.

Discover these great tips on how you can bring that old piece of furniture to life again, saving you tons of money but overpoweringly contributes great style and marvelous design to your new home.

1. Make sure to clean and check all parts and accessories of your old furniture. You need to double check that all parts and related accessories are fully working and are still safe to use.

2. Reupholstering them can create marvelous effects. You don’t need to use textured cloths or leather fabrics just to create a brand new look to your old sofa or furniture; using plain great quality fabric can do the trick. Mixing this great plain fabric with floral pillows can create astonishing effects.

3. Choose vibrant colored throw pillows to make a lively atmosphere on your living room. Putting them side by side with the same color and putting a contrasting throw pillow on the center of the set makes an illusion of bold and daring type of design.

4. Using Marimekko pillows that entails a dramatic array of old yet very elegant type of design is perfect for couches and sofas that contain intricate details and forms on them. By mixing these classical works of art, you are creating a modern yet classical sense of style perfect for bringing the best out from your old piece of furniture.

Imagine these great designing ideas on your old sofa or couch, not only it can create fantastic taste of design but also you are personally styling your own furniture with what you want and what you have. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars just to make these old friendly pieces of yours get on the road of service once again. By accenting them with great and wide variety of different pillows, you are creating a brand new sofa or couch. Anyway, who will know that you reinvented them! Check out our wide collection of throw pillows by visiting

Black and White Fabric Wall Hanging

Got a bare wall at home that needs to be dressed up so it can look magically enthralling? How about creating a focal point into your house that is sure to be a conversational space all the time? Do you want an affordable piece of art to make your room more fashionable and stylish? Look no more as this wall hanging made from Sofia black and white designer fabric will surely spark up boring and lifeless walls without burning holes in your pockets.

Made from high quality Sofia Black and White designer fabric, this wall hanging décor is sure to be a hit on your living room, hallway, patio, den, bedroom or any other parts of your house that needs immediate glow and striking attention. Looking at it you will see two basic colors of black and white that creates a dramatic impression and glitzy appearance. Added to this is its wonderful floral pattern that is bold, audacious and magnificently mesmerizing in all angles.

The beauty of its black and white theme is truly incomparable; it doesn’t hold too much color but yields a theatrical appeal perfect to compliment solid colored sofas, curtains, shabby chic home decors, plain walls and modern spaces. You can also use this designer fabric made wall hanging décor to add texture and pattern into bare walls as well as spaces. The end result is a glamorous piece of art that looks like a million bucks meant to make your home trendier and highly elegant.

To prevent this wonderful piece of art from being damaged, the canvas was treated with Scotchgard to protect it against dust, stains and dirt letting you enjoy its captivating beauty year after year. Using the deep gallery stretching technique, a wooden frame is positioned at the back of the canvass with hook attached firmly so placing it on your wall comes easy as well as convenient.

If you need a delightful piece of art that is not too flamboyant yet strong enough to catch attention and show outstanding interest, the Sofia black and white wall hanging décor is what you need. Enjoy neutral colors with daring patterns, they might not show various array of colors yet this piece is dominant enough to prove its splendid beauty.

If you feel like being crafty, purchase the Sofia fabric and get your staple gun ready.  Otherwise, you can purchase this stunning fabric stretched wall hanging at ModDiva

Echino Fabric Scraps

Are you one of ones that never throw away any scrap fabrics?  Well, I am definitely guilty of that.  Every bit of scrap fabric is valuable and there are tons of creative projects that scrap fabric can be used for.  Look at these little quilt squares that was made using Echino Fabric scraps.  This picture was found on the Film In The Fridge Blog

These little quilt blog can be done in a swift.  And you don't need a lot of scrap fabric to make them either. 

You could use one of these blog quilts to make a loved one some potholders.

Or you can sew them together and make a day bed quilt.

How about sewing them together to make a new grocery bag?

Let your imagination take its course.  No matter what creative project you will be working next, these Echino Fabric scraps are not just affordable but you will be sure to be inspired by looking at the beauty of these Japanese fabric designs.

Echino Chelsea Fabric Top

Look at this amazing Honey Girl Top made by Pretty Ditty utilizing Echino Chelsea Fabric.  Jamie features this gorgeous top on her blog and her creations can also be purchased in there Etsy store

This Echino Fabric was designed by Etsuko Furuya and it is part of her Chelsea Fabric Collection.  The fabris is a light woven gauze fabric.  It is light and sheer and makes a perfect material for summer clothing. 

Soul Blossom Fabric Collection by Amy Butler

The Amy Butler Soul Blossoms' collection is her interpretation of an enchanted, modern passage through the floral delights of India.  Through her Soul Blossoms Collection, Amy Butler is sharing a visual story of her experience traveling through India. Her inspiration for this collection was the culture, rich colors, amazing textiles and ornate architecture of India.

Here are some inspiring pictures that were found on the Amy Butler Design website.

This gorgeous sleeveless top was made using the Amy Butler Peacock Feathers Bright Pear design.

The wall on this picture was decorated with various fabric designs from the Soul Blossom Collection.  The left pillow on the chair was made with the Peacock Feathers fabric as well.  The pillow on the right side was made using the Amy Butler Dancing Paisley Lemon fabric design. 

Go back to school with this romantic handbag.  The main fabric used is the Passion Lily Fern fabric and the handles and ruffles were made using the Dancing Paisley Lemon fabric as well.    

As you can see, the fabrics from the Soul Blossom Collection by Amy Butler can be used for so many creative projects.  Let your imagination takes its course!

Joel Dewberry Aviary 2 Fabric Collection

Make your next quilt using Joel Dewberry Fabric.  Featured here is the pendant quilt featured on the Joel Dewberry Blog.  To download the pdf pattern for this quilt, click here

The Joel Dewberry Aviary 2 Collection recreates the beauty and spirit that are synonymous of relaxing garden setting. 

Very popular are the Sparrows and Damask designer within the Joel Dewberry Collection.  The theme is classic but modernized with elegance. 

Echino Bird Song Turquoise Fabric Apron

How about following Jamie's idea and make this gorgeous apron as a gift for a special someone?  Jamie shows off this wonderful creation of hers on her Pretty Ditty Blog.  Fabric used for this one of a kind gift is the Echino Bird Song fabric by Etsuko Furuya

Jamie retails her unique sewing pattern in her Etsy store Pretty Ditty

You can purchase the fabric at Imagine Fabric for a great price.  They have a very large selection of Japanese Fabric online.

Fairlyte Garden Fabric Collection by Melissa White

Melissa White is one of the newest addition to the Rowan Westminster fabric designer family.  She works out of Hastings, England where she runs her Fairlyte Interiors company.  The first fabric collection she designed is called Fairlyte Garden Collection.  If you visit her blog and website, you can see her signature style of ageeing and distressing the surface and she has not a fantastic job transferring that signature style to her first fabric collection with Westminster. 

Here is a picture from her blog that shows her original paintings of three fabric designs in the Fairlyte Garden Collection: Medusa Tree, Bug Hunt and Butterfly Carnival

If you like these original paintings of Melissa White, you will surely love the fabrics in her Fairlyte Garden Collection

Alexander Henry Sofia Fabric - Re-upholsting an office chair

Looking for some fantastic home decor fabric to re-upholster an old office chair?  Follow Cindy from Random Charm Blog example and use the Alexander Henry Sofia Fabric.  Its beautiful floral design is modern and the black and off-white color makes it a classic.

What a difference the fabric can make on an office chair is amazing.  Just look at the Before and After picture provided by Cindy on her blog.  Amazing job!

Sofia is a home decor weight fabric by Alexander Henry.  Fabric weighs 8.4 ounces per square yard making it perfect for re-upholstering furniture.  Width of the fabric is 44 / 45 inches. 

Japanese Fabric - Echino Helicopter Black

Using Japanese Fabric for your next upholstering project is a fantastic idea as shown by Jennifer on her "I was told to get a hobby" Blog.  Below is the Before and After picture of her upholstery project and the result is absolutely stunning.

Jennifer used Etsuko Furuya fabric called Helicopter black.  Helicopter Black is part of the Echino Fabric Collection designed by famous Japanese designer Etsuko Furuya.  What a wonderful way to use this stunning Japanese Fabric.

California Dreamin' Fabric Collection by Jenean Morrison

Looking for some modern and eclectic fabric?  See this California Dreamin' Fabric Collection by Jenean Morrsion.  Jenean Morrison's California Dreamin' Fabric collection consists of playful stripes, floral abstractions and intricate medallions make up this fresh collection of vibrant prints inspired by the golden sunshine, blue waters and the varied, colorful landscapes of California.

Some fabric designs from Jenean Morrison's California Dreamin' Fabric Collection:

Designer Fabric Handbags

Etsy seller AnnyAndMe features a wide variety of textile products ranging from clothing, furniture slipcovers, home draperies and highly fashionable yet super functional accessory garments such as purses and bags. Her bags and purses all boost with so much attitude that each and every design entails real drama and superb sense of style.

Delila Bag Echino Woods – this wonderful large bag is made from Etsuko Furuya fabric called Deer forest grey fabric that’s why the material itself is oozing with rich personality and stunning appearance. This Echino fabric created bag features subtle colours of grey with complimentary patterns of black, white and brown that creates an illusion of delicate yet theatrical sense of style.

Delila Bag Wildflowers – with strong eccentric colors of magenta and deep plum, this designer fabric created bag will surely compliment a brave and flamboyant attitude. Made from Joel Dewberry fabric featuring Wildflowers mulberry fabric design, expect an uber fashionable bag that is durable yet affordable. Home decor fabrics like this can be converted into something gorgeous yet useful all with the help of Etsy seller AnnyAndMe.

Amy Butler Fabric Jelly Roll

How about making your next quilt or creative project using this Amy Butler Fabric Jelly Roll?  This Amy Butler Jelly Roll is exclusively available at Imagine Fabric.  There are 22 fabric strips, each fabric strip measures approximately 2.5" x 44".  There are 22 different Amy Butler fabric designs in this stunning jelly roll, each fabric design is different and part of the Amy Butler Midwest Modern and Midwest Modern 2 Fabric Collection.

The least favorite part of most avid sewers is cutting the fabric.  It is very time consuming and as many of you would agree, not the funnest part of a creative project.  A Jelly Roll gives you multiple advantages.  You save a lot of time on cutting.  Second of all, you get a large variety of designer fabric designs from the same or multiple fabric collections for a great price!  Saves time, save money...what more can one ask for?

Heather Bailey Fabric Fat Quarter Bundle

Looking for a great way to get your hands on many designer fabric designs without having to spend a fortune?  What better way to do so than purchasing a designer fabric fat quarter bundle.  If you are unsure of what a Fat Quarter is, read this "What is a Fat Quarter" article. 

My pick of the week for the best fat quarter bundle is this Heather Bailey Fabric Fat Quarter Bundle:

Heather Bailey Fabric - 18 Heather Bailey Fat Quarters from Bijoux and Pop Garden Collection

Not only does this designer fabric fat quarter bundle affordable but is also provides you with Heather Bailey designs from two of her famous collections: the Bijoux and the Pop Garden Fabric Collection.  Both collections, as you can see, are absolutely gorgeous.  Modern, dramatic and yet romantic. 

Imagine Fabric also offers a few Jelly Rolls cut out of the same Heather Fabrics that you can purchase in addition to the Fat Quarter Bundle.  The combination of both the fat quarter bundle and the jelly rolls will provide you with endless opportunities to be creative without having to spend a lot of money and especially without having to spend a lot of time cutting the fabrics. 

Designer Fabric Jelly Rolls

Designer Fabric Jelly Rolls are a great way to obtain many different designer fabric designs at an affordable price.  Many times, you obtain multiple designs from one fabric collection or even multiple complementary fabric collections.  

If you have not purchased pre-cut fabrics before, you may be wondering what a Jelly Roll is.  A Fabric Jelly Roll is a collection of pre-cut fabric strips. Even though the size of the fabric strip my vary, most Jelly Rolls contain fabric strips measuing 2.5 inches X 44 inches. Quilted creations made using an assortment of fabric strips have become more and more popular. Not only are they beautiful but the strip piecing technique makes it possible for you to assemble your design quickly.

A Jelly Roll has many advantages and it is extremely versatile. First of all, it saves a lot of time as your don't have to spend time cutting your fabric. Furthermore, purchasing a Jelly Roll provides you with a dazzling array of fabric designs without you having to purchase each design by the yard.

Beyond the time and money savings aspects, the projects you can use pre-cut fabric strips for are endless. Here is a short list of things you should consider fabric strips for: key chain, placemats, fabric covered buttons, quilted carry-alls, aprons, wall hangings, log cabin pillows, doll quilts, baby quilts and many, many more.

Heather Bailey Fabric - Mini Jelly Roll Bijoux and Pop Garden Collection HBJR42

Free As A Bird... Beautifully Soaring With Wings!

They are beautiful, stunning, free, supreme and astounding; birds can really capture even our highest fantasies and imaginations far above the ground. They also make the plain blue sky full of wonderful colours and hues illuminating its natural beauty that is truly unique and incomparable. These reasons and more make birds a girl’s animated icon that represents not only supremacy and freedom but also elegance and fine beauty.

This list was created to feature amazing handcrafted products that depict not only the stunning beauty of birds but its most admired traits and characteristics as well. Feel the freedom within you and surround yourself with wonderful items filled with vibrant colours, amazing patterns and one of a kind grace. Soar high in the sky without burning holes in your pocket, featuring the “bird” theme of Etsy Treasury List which was created by Imagine Fabric!

Top Row Left to Right:

Hand Cut Silver Hummingbird Necklace by lisahopkins
The Charming Little Birds by TheViewFromMyWindow

Bottom Row Left to Right:

Lampwork Glass Bird Bling Ring by maize
Blue Bird Handmade Yard Wreath by CreativeButterflyXOX

Top Row Left to Right:

Green Fire Bird Oil Lamp by StudioKahn
Tweet Bird by moonfly

Bottom Row Left to Right:

Pleated Bag with Adjustable Straps by ModDiva
Lovey Dovey Bird Headband by Lacey406

Top Row Left to Right:

Bird Scrapbooking by MissTeacherLady
Blue Bird Vinyl MacBook Decal Sticker by HollyVisionArt

Bottom Row Left to Right:

Bird of Paradise Bracelet by blancheb
Blue Owl Pillow by ChickadeeShop

 Top Row Left to Right:

Birds 'n Apple Tree Hanging Mobile by PrettyPlush
Chunky Bangle Bracelet by BuyMyCrap

Bottom Row Left to Right:

Colorful Bird Art by PargyaK
Flock Ceramic Wall Art by PrinceDesignUK

Etsy Treasury "BLUE: Show Royalty at an Affordable Price"

Blue has always been the colour of richness and royalty, whenever we see something that is blue, we always tag it being imperial and expensive.

I’ve created this list to feature affordable items that dictate drama, exceptional beauty, flamboyant attitude and prominent hues all portraying the majestic colour “BLUE” but still under the budget. Blue means luxury so enjoy that magnificent feeling minus the skyrocketing prices.

This beautiful Etsy Treasury has been created by ModDiva.

Royal Blue Silk Chiffon Scarf Nuno Felted with Gray by Handmadebymemem

Teal Purple Gold Olive Green Handmade Fine Thread Crochet Mini Motif -Peacock by Nothingbutstring

Marimekko Fabric - Matkalle Maalle Blue by Imagine Fabric

Blue spiral bead woven bracelet by Elephantbeads

Softspoken Bubble Beret in Royal by Softspoken

Bella Handwired Paper Flower Blue by FernTreeFlowers

Turquise-Blue Eye Shadow Mineral makeup by PUREnaturalMinerals

Swarovski Sapphire Blue Rivoli Round Crystal Drop Pendant Necklace by DenverLaneDesigns

Smooth Blue Briolette - silver necklace by CH7tina7

Folding Over Clock III (Blue) by All15Designs

Bermuda Blue Swarovski Crystal Tear Drop Sterling Silver Earrings by InStyleBoutique

Sea Blue Handfasting Tiara by angelyques

Designer Scrap Fabric

Scrap fabric remains the most unrivalled way to enjoy the magnificent beauty of designer fabric minus the heavy cost.  The use of scrap fabric entails not just great affordability on your side but different advantages as well, like the chance of getting various types and kinds of designer fabric, diversity of designs present in one bag and wonderful raw materials you can use to create fashionable items.

The Echino Scrap Bag  - this scrap bag consists of only fabrics by
Japanese Fabric Designer Etsuko Furuya.

The Heather Bailey Fabric Scrap Bag - this scrap bag could containt Heather Bailey fabrics from both her Bijoux and her Pop Garden Fabric Collection. 

The Amy Butler Fabric Scrap Bag - this Amy Butler designer fabric scrap bag could have fabric designs from Amy Butler's Belle, Lotus, Midwest Modern and Midwest Modern 2 Fabric Collection.

 Read on and discover the wide variety of fashionable, chic and stunning items you can create out of leftover designer fabric:

1. Fabric and statement buttons – you can use the amazing patterns of scrap fabric to create fabric buttons that you can use to modishly accessorize your garments. You can also use scrap fabric to highlight statement buttons and make them more striking.Designer Fabric Scrap bag - this scrap bag could contain fabrics from any of the fabric designers that Imagine Fabric carries including but not exclusive to Amy Butler, Joel Dewberry, Heather Bailey, Valori Wells, Marimekko, Free Spirit, etc.

2. Doll clothes – to make your little girl happy, why don’t you create customized doll clothes using scrap fabric. Not only you made your daughter very happy but you also crafted high quality doll clothes made from luxurious designer fabrics meant to showcase the wonderful beauty of textiles.

3. Fabric thumb tacks – the easiest way to light up and give wonderful array of colours into your home or office cork board is to create fabric thumb tacks using affordable yet beautiful scrap fabric. These fabric thumb tacks will not only hold memos, notes and letters but it will also show a distinctive character bursting with wonderful colours and designs.

4. Fabric necklace and bracelets – match your outfit using inexpensive accessories made from designer fabric. Utilize scrap fabric to create different accessories like necklace and bracelets that you can use to accentuate the current theme of your outfit. You can create large bold fabric necklace to match dress and miniskirts, thick braided bracelets to give attitude and colour to plain looking shirts and more wonderful creations all with the help of remnant fabric.

5. Scrapbook and fabric cards – why buy expensive cards and scrapbooks when you can make it on your own using affordable scrap fabric? Now you can create personalized and more attractive fabric cards that you can use to meet and greet everyone as well as fabric-adorn scrapbook to write journals and inscribe all your hidden emotions and feelings.

 Joel Dewberry Fabric Scrap Bag - this scrap bag contains only fabrics from the Joel Dewberry Deer Valley Fabric Collection.
  Marimekko Fabric Scrap Bag - who can pass up this chance to get a variety of Marimekko fabrics for an affordable price? Considering that some of the Marimekko designs are $52.00 per yard, you know you get a great value with this Marimekko Fabric Scrap Bag.

The beauty of textile doesn’t need to be expensive just to enjoy one; there are many affordable yet creative ways to savour the rich colours and designs of designer fabric minus the heavy cost such as the use of scrap fabric. Remember that they are designer fabrics made with using high quality materials and one-of-a-kind luxurious designs so expect your article to be the same by simply using them.

2 lbs. of Designer Fabric Remmant Bundle: this is Imagine Fabric's bestselling item at this time.  There is a good reason for that.  You can get a 2 lbs. bundle of designer fabrics for only $15.00.  Obtaining designer fabrics at a fraction of the regular cost is lots of fun; imagine how many creative projects you can use these fabrics for.  Let your imagination takes its course!

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