Heather Bailey Fabric Fat Quarter Bundle

Looking for a great way to get your hands on many designer fabric designs without having to spend a fortune?  What better way to do so than purchasing a designer fabric fat quarter bundle.  If you are unsure of what a Fat Quarter is, read this "What is a Fat Quarter" article. 

My pick of the week for the best fat quarter bundle is this Heather Bailey Fabric Fat Quarter Bundle:

Heather Bailey Fabric - 18 Heather Bailey Fat Quarters from Bijoux and Pop Garden Collection

Not only does this designer fabric fat quarter bundle affordable but is also provides you with Heather Bailey designs from two of her famous collections: the Bijoux and the Pop Garden Fabric Collection.  Both collections, as you can see, are absolutely gorgeous.  Modern, dramatic and yet romantic. 

Imagine Fabric also offers a few Jelly Rolls cut out of the same Heather Fabrics that you can purchase in addition to the Fat Quarter Bundle.  The combination of both the fat quarter bundle and the jelly rolls will provide you with endless opportunities to be creative without having to spend a lot of money and especially without having to spend a lot of time cutting the fabrics. 


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