Designer Fabric Jelly Rolls

Designer Fabric Jelly Rolls are a great way to obtain many different designer fabric designs at an affordable price.  Many times, you obtain multiple designs from one fabric collection or even multiple complementary fabric collections.  

If you have not purchased pre-cut fabrics before, you may be wondering what a Jelly Roll is.  A Fabric Jelly Roll is a collection of pre-cut fabric strips. Even though the size of the fabric strip my vary, most Jelly Rolls contain fabric strips measuing 2.5 inches X 44 inches. Quilted creations made using an assortment of fabric strips have become more and more popular. Not only are they beautiful but the strip piecing technique makes it possible for you to assemble your design quickly.

A Jelly Roll has many advantages and it is extremely versatile. First of all, it saves a lot of time as your don't have to spend time cutting your fabric. Furthermore, purchasing a Jelly Roll provides you with a dazzling array of fabric designs without you having to purchase each design by the yard.

Beyond the time and money savings aspects, the projects you can use pre-cut fabric strips for are endless. Here is a short list of things you should consider fabric strips for: key chain, placemats, fabric covered buttons, quilted carry-alls, aprons, wall hangings, log cabin pillows, doll quilts, baby quilts and many, many more.

Heather Bailey Fabric - Mini Jelly Roll Bijoux and Pop Garden Collection HBJR42


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