I wanted everyone reading this blog to hear first about our exciting new plans to open a new website dedicated to throw pillows. You've known use for a long time at and know that we offer the best selection of designer fabrics and pillows with fantatical customer support. Well to make your shopping experience even better, we're going to open a 2nd website just to display our selection of throw pillows.

With the launch of our new website will come 75 new designs for you to choose. You're will be able to find modern, floral, and uniquie designer throw pillows that I'm sure you'll love.

We hope to launch our new site at the end of August. All told, we'll have over 200 designer pillows available and will also provide a choice of pillow inserts. The pillow inserts to choose from will be polyfil, soft, and faux down.

Keep on the lookout for our new site at

Moda Fabric Baby Blanket

If you are planning on making a baby blanket or baby quilt, why not make life easy for yourself and use a Moda Honey Bun to make your next quilt? A Moda Honey Bun consists of 40 pre cut fabrics strips; each strip measures 1.5" X 44" and you get one fabric strip from each of the fabric designs in that specific Moda fabric collection. The Honey Bun is cut perfectly and rolled perfectly by Moda. All you need to do is unroll the Honey Bun and you are ready to do.

Look at this adorable quilt that was made by V and Co and featured on the Moda Bake Shop.

For this specific baby blanket, V and Co is using a Moda Aviary Honey Bun that features soft color and pretty floral prints. Perfect for a baby blanket. In addition to the honey bun you just need a little bit of fabric for the binding and backing.

To get the step by step instructions from V and Co, click here.

There are many advantageous to using pre cut fabric like this Moda Honey Bun. First of all, you will get an entire Moda fabric collection in one fabric roll. All fabric designs are perfectly coordinated and perfectly cut by the manufacturer. Who does not want to get started on their creative project immediately without having to spend time on cutting the fabric?

Free Spirit Chocolate Lollipop Fabric Quilt

CHOCOLATE LOLLIPOP - Can you think of a better name for this cute and fun Free Spirit Fabric Collection? I sure can't. This is the cutest ever fabric collection which was designed by the very talented Anna Maria Horner exclusively for Free Spirit.

Chocolate Lollipop is the second fabric collection that Anna Maria designed for Free Spirit. She was inspired by her childhood candy coated memories of being a kid in a candy store. The floral patterns are cute and bold at the same time. The colors used are definitely influenced by confection making this collection so much fun.

Free Spirit provides this free quilt pattern for the Chocolate Lollipop collection. To download the free quilt pattern, click here.

Following is a fun and versatile tote that was made using the same Free Spirit Chocolate Lollipop fabric:

Imagine Fabric provides step by step instructions on how to make this funky tote - click here for instructions with detailed pictures.

As you can see, this Free Spirit fabric collection is very versatile due to color and design. It is great for quilting, clothing, bags and any other creative ideas that you have in mind.

Joel Dewberry Bloom Rust Fabric

Sewing has never been fun and inspiring until you meet this extraordinary fabric. The Joel Dewberry's Bloom rust is a 100% pure cotton floral design with a twist of a rusting flower. A rusting flower? Ah yes, when I first saw the design it’s kind of little odd but if you look deep inside of it you'll notice the beautiful about it. Sophistication and elegance comes with this fabric, great for a throw pillow design and a soothing and mellow ambiance. Mixed color of a rust, chocolate and aqua.

One thing good about sewing is it takes away your stress, for me I make it my hobby along with knitting. Making something useful and wear by my kids makes my heart jumps into joy. Well, I use many kinds of fabrics but my favorite is Joel Dewberry's designs. It’s simply a perfect fabric for me. I made many kinds of designs from it and it shows amazing results.

Bloom rust, when I first saw the design in I knew that i had to buy it, and make something nice of it. I remember that i needed something good for my sofa in my living room. Gladly, I bought it from at a great price.

What to Look for from an Online Fabric Store

Shopping for fabric on the Internet is much different than going to your local fabric store. When shopping for fabric online you have to find a site that will provide you an alternative that is just as good, or better than your local shop. Here are some of the criteria that I check for when I buy fabric from an online shop.

1. A picture is worth a thousand words. That's why I only shop online from fabric stores that show the entire pattern on the fabric. A lot of fabric stores out there only show a 6" square sample of the fabric. That's not enough for me. A lot of fabric designers are taking advantage of the full width and length of the fabric. For example, look at Marimekko fabrics, they often will have only one to two repeats for 1 yard of fabric. It would be impossible to see the true pattern of the fabric with just a 6" square. Try to find online fabric stores that have great pictures.

2. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but an acurate description it helpful too. When shopping for fabric, I also try to find stores that have detailed descriptions about their products. This way I can get a feel for the color, dimensions, and material. This is very helpful for me if I have a specific project and need to know the weight of the fabric so you'll know if it's going to work for my purposes.

3. Customer Service - Even though you're purchasing from an online fabric shop and you'll probably never meet the face-to-face, it's important to make sure they provide excellent customer service. Here's a couple of things you should look for:

  • They should have a phone number readily displayed that will allow you to contact them.Better yet, it should be an 800#?

  • They should have an e-mail address readily available and if you e-mail them, they should reply promptly to your questions.

  • Another method of customer service is to web chat via instant messenger. This has become popular in recent years and is an easy way to make contact with the vendor. Look for the web chat icon.

4. Site nagivation is crucial if you're looking for a specific fabric style or color. There are thousands of different fabrics avaiable and if you're looking for a specific fabric from a site whose navigation is poorly designed, it can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

5. Hey, let's all be honest here. What's the PRICE? The final price we pay for the fabric is obvously going to play a role in our decision making process. A yard of quilt fabric can be priced any where between $4.95 and $10.95. The difference in price really is based on each designer of the fabric. Just like our clothes, the more in style and trendy the fabric, the more we're going to pay. But, we know it's worth it.

There are a lot of online fabric stores on the Internet. If you're truly looking for a wide selection, great product photos, amazing customer service, and a awesome shopping experience, I highly recommend ImagineFabric for your fabric needs.

Precut Fabric

Whenever I make a quilt, I start by looking at my fabric stash to see what cordinating fabric will make a nice quilt. I used to only make my quilts from left over fabric, but after about the second quilt I made, I noticed something wasn't right. My quilts were very well sewn and creative, but they lacked the pizazz that I love. Well, before making my third quilt I sat down and thought long and hard about using my fabric stash for my next project. I asked myself, do I really want to put in the time for another quilt unless I have the right fabric for the quilt.

Well after about two seconds of thinking the answer was obvious. No! I'm the type of quilter that likes to have as many different fabrics of different colors and styles in my quilts. That means that I need a lot of fabric. For my quilts that meant I needed to purchase 1/2 yard here, and 1/2 yard there. After bringing 25 different bolts the counter at the fabric store and asking for 1/2 yards, I could tell they were none too happy with me. But, I didn't mind. This is what I needed for my project.

Well, now I got lots of fabric for my quilt. But even after buying 1/2 yards and fat quarters, I realized I spent way too much money on fabric and would have too much left over.

That's when I decided to start purchasing precut fabric bundles. I found that Moda has lots of fabric bundles that are great for quilts. But, I also like designer fabric from Amy Butler and Joel Dewberry. But, it's hard to find precut fabric in charm packs, jelly rolls, and layer cakes from Amy Butler and Joel Dewberry.

There's really only one place that I know of on the web where you can buy Moda, Joel Dewberry, and Amy Butler precut fabric. Take a look ImagineFabric. They have lot so precut fabric for sale on their website. I love it. This way I can still have lots of fabric, of all kinds of colors and styles but not spend a whole lot of money.

Kaffe Fassett Lotus Leaf Antique

The design of this fabric was inspired by the Lotus flower, a flower that is considered the most ancient and mysterious flower of our planet. This fabric was made for Westminster Fabrics. With the bright and magnificent ideas of Kaffe Fassett, the fabric was made with devotion and elegance. The Lotus Leaf is very mysterious and symbolizes the purity of the heart and mind. Your home will surely have the ambiance of the Lotus flower. Seeing this fabric will remind you the beauty of flowers and most especially it will remind you that is it also a representation of long life, health, honor and good luck. The design of the flower with fully opened petal means that it is revealing its natural beauty. One will surely say “You are truly one with nature” upon seeing this fabric at your living room. You will always be reminded that even if you fail there is always chance for you to grow as person. This Kaffe Fassett Fabric is the highest quality cotton fabric and can be used for quilting, fashion and apparel projects, home decor and much more.

Floral Fabric

Have you ever stopped and looked at a fabric site these days and noticed how many different styles of floral fabric there are to choose from. It's amazing. There are possible thousands of different floral fabrics available. From all of the different floral fabrics used you might think that botanist are now designing fabrics.

Today, you'll find floral fabrics that use different flowers such as:

  • Daisy's

  • Chrysanthemum

  • Coriander

  • Clematis

  • Dandelion

  • Poppies

  • Grandiflora

  • Mums

  • Lilly's

  • Orchid's

  • Potentilla

  • Sage

  • Dahlia

These are just to name a few and when you consider the number or colors that you can combine these floral fabrics, the number of available floral fabrics multiplies exponentially. This is a great outcome for the fabric industry and the consumer. Never before has the consumer had so many options to choose from. It's now possible to find the floral fabric that would match your home decor perfectly.

I know of one online retailer that has the largest selection I've ever seen. That's They have over 200 different fabric designs to choose from. It seems like every time I go back to they have even more. I highly recommend you check it out.

Modern Pillows for the Home

Modern pillows are great way to decorate. Regardless, if you have a modern home and you want to compliement your room with modern pillows, or if the room is outdated from the 80's, a modern pillow is an easy way to breathe new life into a room. Modern pillows these days are very cool and are in highly fashionable colors. The designs on modern pillows are of an artistic quality that you might find in a high end art gallery. Take a look at a couple of these modern pillows.

These are great example of modern pillows that have lots of verstatitily for a leather couch, or a white modern couch. Or use your imagination.

The blue modern pillow is named Hollywood. This has a very modern blue color along with modern shapes bringing the pillow to life. Both of these pillows are made from a high quality cotton that will make sure the pillow stands wear and tear from the family. In addtion, both pillows are machine washable so you don't have to worry about spills or dirt. Just throw them in the washmachine on cold water and they'll be as good as new.

Pear Shape Fabric Pin Cushion

Wanna learn how to sew a pear shape fabric pin cushion? Lucky you - Heather Bailey designed a beautiful pin cushion sewing pattern that is absolutely adorable. Take a look at these pear shape pin cushions:

I call it the fruit basket sewing pattern as Heather Bailey's pattern not only includes the pattern and sewing instructions on how to make these fun pear shape pin cushion. The Fresh Picked Pincushion Sewing Pattern also includes the pattern and instructions on how to make an apple, a tomato and a strawberry pin cushion in addition to the pear pin cushion.

Every pattern includes comprehensive, professionally illustrated instructions so this Heather Bailey sewing pattern is also great for beginners. These pretty sewing projects are great if your fabric stash is beyond control. These fruit pin cushion will also make great gifts for your girlfriends!

Marimekko Onnen Apila Green Fabric

This fabulous flower design inspired by the beauty of flowers in bloom is part of the wonderful collection of Marimekko. The marimekko fabric depicts the world as seen through the eyes of a bird sitting in the branch of a tree. Onnen Apila means happiness or felicity matched it with sunflowers outlined in green with white background to make the flowers have a floating design, With this fabric design it gives your house a little upgrade and and will be a bold statement. Let your own artistic skill and ideas flow so that you can come up with a certain output. The Marimekko Onnen Apila Green is available in 56 inches wide design.

Geometric Fabric defines geometric as
  • Of or relating to geometry and its methods and principles.

  • Increasing or decreasing in a geometric progression.

  • Using simple geometric forms such as circles and squares in design and decoration. Of or relating to properties in algebraic geometry involving algebraically closed fields.

All three of these meanings are well suited to describe geometric, but pay close attention to bullet point three "using simple geometric forms such as circles and squares in design and decoration." It's almost as if when they wrote the definition of geometric they were thinking of the geometric fabric section at has hundreds of fabrics to choose from that represent geometric squares, Circe's, and closed fields. Fabric designers are so creative and must have got straight A's in high school geometry because when you look at the patterns they create it's an amazing use of geometric patterns.
Take a look at Joel Dewberry's Dear Valley Collection and specifically the Mountain Gem fabrics. The pattern has an intricate weave of lines, squares, and angles to form amazing geometric patterns.

Geometric patterns don't have to come in squares and circles. Take a look at Alexander Henry's fabric Hearts to Hearts. This fabric has bright colored hearts that are aligned in patterns to create a simplistic, but artistic geometric pattern.

Geometry is all around us in our everyday lives, but most of us, including myself don't pay close enough attention to notice it. Thankfully, there are very creative people out there, and especially in the fabric designer world that can bring alive amazing geometric fabric to all of us.

Marimekko Throw Pillows

In my opinion, throw pillows from Marimekko are by far and away the most beautiful style on the market today. Marimekko throw pillows use large floral patterns that are inpsired by the 70's. My favorite design is the mini unikko. The mini unikko print comes in many colors including:
  • Black and White

  • Green and Blue

  • Pink

  • Raspberry

  • Lime and Green

  • Red

My favorite of these styles is probably the Mini Unikko Raspberry. This design has just the perfect reds for my taste. Not too red, and not too pink. Just perfect. But, I'll let you be the judge. Take a look at this one below and let me know what you think.

I found this pillow over at You can find all of the Marimekko throw pillows over on their website. While you're at it you can browse over 150 different pillow designs they have in stock. I'd be shocked if you couldn't find a throw pillow that's just perfect for you.

Thank you for visiting Throw Pillows and Fabric. We hope that you enjoy the creativity and showcase of all the styles on our blog.
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