I wanted everyone reading this blog to hear first about our exciting new plans to open a new website dedicated to throw pillows. You've known use for a long time at and know that we offer the best selection of designer fabrics and pillows with fantatical customer support. Well to make your shopping experience even better, we're going to open a 2nd website just to display our selection of throw pillows.

With the launch of our new website will come 75 new designs for you to choose. You're will be able to find modern, floral, and uniquie designer throw pillows that I'm sure you'll love.

We hope to launch our new site at the end of August. All told, we'll have over 200 designer pillows available and will also provide a choice of pillow inserts. The pillow inserts to choose from will be polyfil, soft, and faux down.

Keep on the lookout for our new site at


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