Precut Fabric

Whenever I make a quilt, I start by looking at my fabric stash to see what cordinating fabric will make a nice quilt. I used to only make my quilts from left over fabric, but after about the second quilt I made, I noticed something wasn't right. My quilts were very well sewn and creative, but they lacked the pizazz that I love. Well, before making my third quilt I sat down and thought long and hard about using my fabric stash for my next project. I asked myself, do I really want to put in the time for another quilt unless I have the right fabric for the quilt.

Well after about two seconds of thinking the answer was obvious. No! I'm the type of quilter that likes to have as many different fabrics of different colors and styles in my quilts. That means that I need a lot of fabric. For my quilts that meant I needed to purchase 1/2 yard here, and 1/2 yard there. After bringing 25 different bolts the counter at the fabric store and asking for 1/2 yards, I could tell they were none too happy with me. But, I didn't mind. This is what I needed for my project.

Well, now I got lots of fabric for my quilt. But even after buying 1/2 yards and fat quarters, I realized I spent way too much money on fabric and would have too much left over.

That's when I decided to start purchasing precut fabric bundles. I found that Moda has lots of fabric bundles that are great for quilts. But, I also like designer fabric from Amy Butler and Joel Dewberry. But, it's hard to find precut fabric in charm packs, jelly rolls, and layer cakes from Amy Butler and Joel Dewberry.

There's really only one place that I know of on the web where you can buy Moda, Joel Dewberry, and Amy Butler precut fabric. Take a look ImagineFabric. They have lot so precut fabric for sale on their website. I love it. This way I can still have lots of fabric, of all kinds of colors and styles but not spend a whole lot of money.


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