Joel Dewberry Bloom Rust Fabric

Sewing has never been fun and inspiring until you meet this extraordinary fabric. The Joel Dewberry's Bloom rust is a 100% pure cotton floral design with a twist of a rusting flower. A rusting flower? Ah yes, when I first saw the design it’s kind of little odd but if you look deep inside of it you'll notice the beautiful about it. Sophistication and elegance comes with this fabric, great for a throw pillow design and a soothing and mellow ambiance. Mixed color of a rust, chocolate and aqua.

One thing good about sewing is it takes away your stress, for me I make it my hobby along with knitting. Making something useful and wear by my kids makes my heart jumps into joy. Well, I use many kinds of fabrics but my favorite is Joel Dewberry's designs. It’s simply a perfect fabric for me. I made many kinds of designs from it and it shows amazing results.

Bloom rust, when I first saw the design in I knew that i had to buy it, and make something nice of it. I remember that i needed something good for my sofa in my living room. Gladly, I bought it from at a great price.


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