Pear Shape Fabric Pin Cushion

Wanna learn how to sew a pear shape fabric pin cushion? Lucky you - Heather Bailey designed a beautiful pin cushion sewing pattern that is absolutely adorable. Take a look at these pear shape pin cushions:

I call it the fruit basket sewing pattern as Heather Bailey's pattern not only includes the pattern and sewing instructions on how to make these fun pear shape pin cushion. The Fresh Picked Pincushion Sewing Pattern also includes the pattern and instructions on how to make an apple, a tomato and a strawberry pin cushion in addition to the pear pin cushion.

Every pattern includes comprehensive, professionally illustrated instructions so this Heather Bailey sewing pattern is also great for beginners. These pretty sewing projects are great if your fabric stash is beyond control. These fruit pin cushion will also make great gifts for your girlfriends!


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