Decorating with Throw Pillows

If you want to re-decorate your home but are on a low budget, buying a new furniture piece can be frustrating and very depressing. Most of us take a look at different couches or sofas that would fit best on our newly rented or renovated living room.  Upon scouting furniture stores, don’t be surprised to see expensive and super high priced sofas or couches. Prices still depends on the type, size and materials being used on them. The more luxurious the material is, commonly denotes a high end type of furniture it is and for this it only means the higher price it gets.

So why don’t you use that old sofa or couch instead of buying a brand new one? As long as it is working absolutely fine and possesses a real beauty then why waste your money buying a latest one? If you’re thinking that the style, color and appearance are mainly old and dull looking, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. The secret to restoring an old and monotonous looking sofa or couch is none other than splashing great arrays of vividly made throw pillows on them.

Discover these great tips on how you can bring that old piece of furniture to life again, saving you tons of money but overpoweringly contributes great style and marvelous design to your new home.

1. Make sure to clean and check all parts and accessories of your old furniture. You need to double check that all parts and related accessories are fully working and are still safe to use.

2. Reupholstering them can create marvelous effects. You don’t need to use textured cloths or leather fabrics just to create a brand new look to your old sofa or furniture; using plain great quality fabric can do the trick. Mixing this great plain fabric with floral pillows can create astonishing effects.

3. Choose vibrant colored throw pillows to make a lively atmosphere on your living room. Putting them side by side with the same color and putting a contrasting throw pillow on the center of the set makes an illusion of bold and daring type of design.

4. Using Marimekko pillows that entails a dramatic array of old yet very elegant type of design is perfect for couches and sofas that contain intricate details and forms on them. By mixing these classical works of art, you are creating a modern yet classical sense of style perfect for bringing the best out from your old piece of furniture.

Imagine these great designing ideas on your old sofa or couch, not only it can create fantastic taste of design but also you are personally styling your own furniture with what you want and what you have. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars just to make these old friendly pieces of yours get on the road of service once again. By accenting them with great and wide variety of different pillows, you are creating a brand new sofa or couch. Anyway, who will know that you reinvented them! Check out our wide collection of throw pillows by visiting

Black and White Fabric Wall Hanging

Got a bare wall at home that needs to be dressed up so it can look magically enthralling? How about creating a focal point into your house that is sure to be a conversational space all the time? Do you want an affordable piece of art to make your room more fashionable and stylish? Look no more as this wall hanging made from Sofia black and white designer fabric will surely spark up boring and lifeless walls without burning holes in your pockets.

Made from high quality Sofia Black and White designer fabric, this wall hanging décor is sure to be a hit on your living room, hallway, patio, den, bedroom or any other parts of your house that needs immediate glow and striking attention. Looking at it you will see two basic colors of black and white that creates a dramatic impression and glitzy appearance. Added to this is its wonderful floral pattern that is bold, audacious and magnificently mesmerizing in all angles.

The beauty of its black and white theme is truly incomparable; it doesn’t hold too much color but yields a theatrical appeal perfect to compliment solid colored sofas, curtains, shabby chic home decors, plain walls and modern spaces. You can also use this designer fabric made wall hanging décor to add texture and pattern into bare walls as well as spaces. The end result is a glamorous piece of art that looks like a million bucks meant to make your home trendier and highly elegant.

To prevent this wonderful piece of art from being damaged, the canvas was treated with Scotchgard to protect it against dust, stains and dirt letting you enjoy its captivating beauty year after year. Using the deep gallery stretching technique, a wooden frame is positioned at the back of the canvass with hook attached firmly so placing it on your wall comes easy as well as convenient.

If you need a delightful piece of art that is not too flamboyant yet strong enough to catch attention and show outstanding interest, the Sofia black and white wall hanging décor is what you need. Enjoy neutral colors with daring patterns, they might not show various array of colors yet this piece is dominant enough to prove its splendid beauty.

If you feel like being crafty, purchase the Sofia fabric and get your staple gun ready.  Otherwise, you can purchase this stunning fabric stretched wall hanging at ModDiva
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