Echino Chelsea Fabric Top

Look at this amazing Honey Girl Top made by Pretty Ditty utilizing Echino Chelsea Fabric.  Jamie features this gorgeous top on her blog and her creations can also be purchased in there Etsy store

This Echino Fabric was designed by Etsuko Furuya and it is part of her Chelsea Fabric Collection.  The fabris is a light woven gauze fabric.  It is light and sheer and makes a perfect material for summer clothing. 

Soul Blossom Fabric Collection by Amy Butler

The Amy Butler Soul Blossoms' collection is her interpretation of an enchanted, modern passage through the floral delights of India.  Through her Soul Blossoms Collection, Amy Butler is sharing a visual story of her experience traveling through India. Her inspiration for this collection was the culture, rich colors, amazing textiles and ornate architecture of India.

Here are some inspiring pictures that were found on the Amy Butler Design website.

This gorgeous sleeveless top was made using the Amy Butler Peacock Feathers Bright Pear design.

The wall on this picture was decorated with various fabric designs from the Soul Blossom Collection.  The left pillow on the chair was made with the Peacock Feathers fabric as well.  The pillow on the right side was made using the Amy Butler Dancing Paisley Lemon fabric design. 

Go back to school with this romantic handbag.  The main fabric used is the Passion Lily Fern fabric and the handles and ruffles were made using the Dancing Paisley Lemon fabric as well.    

As you can see, the fabrics from the Soul Blossom Collection by Amy Butler can be used for so many creative projects.  Let your imagination takes its course!

Joel Dewberry Aviary 2 Fabric Collection

Make your next quilt using Joel Dewberry Fabric.  Featured here is the pendant quilt featured on the Joel Dewberry Blog.  To download the pdf pattern for this quilt, click here

The Joel Dewberry Aviary 2 Collection recreates the beauty and spirit that are synonymous of relaxing garden setting. 

Very popular are the Sparrows and Damask designer within the Joel Dewberry Collection.  The theme is classic but modernized with elegance. 

Echino Bird Song Turquoise Fabric Apron

How about following Jamie's idea and make this gorgeous apron as a gift for a special someone?  Jamie shows off this wonderful creation of hers on her Pretty Ditty Blog.  Fabric used for this one of a kind gift is the Echino Bird Song fabric by Etsuko Furuya

Jamie retails her unique sewing pattern in her Etsy store Pretty Ditty

You can purchase the fabric at Imagine Fabric for a great price.  They have a very large selection of Japanese Fabric online.

Fairlyte Garden Fabric Collection by Melissa White

Melissa White is one of the newest addition to the Rowan Westminster fabric designer family.  She works out of Hastings, England where she runs her Fairlyte Interiors company.  The first fabric collection she designed is called Fairlyte Garden Collection.  If you visit her blog and website, you can see her signature style of ageeing and distressing the surface and she has not a fantastic job transferring that signature style to her first fabric collection with Westminster. 

Here is a picture from her blog that shows her original paintings of three fabric designs in the Fairlyte Garden Collection: Medusa Tree, Bug Hunt and Butterfly Carnival

If you like these original paintings of Melissa White, you will surely love the fabrics in her Fairlyte Garden Collection

Alexander Henry Sofia Fabric - Re-upholsting an office chair

Looking for some fantastic home decor fabric to re-upholster an old office chair?  Follow Cindy from Random Charm Blog example and use the Alexander Henry Sofia Fabric.  Its beautiful floral design is modern and the black and off-white color makes it a classic.

What a difference the fabric can make on an office chair is amazing.  Just look at the Before and After picture provided by Cindy on her blog.  Amazing job!

Sofia is a home decor weight fabric by Alexander Henry.  Fabric weighs 8.4 ounces per square yard making it perfect for re-upholstering furniture.  Width of the fabric is 44 / 45 inches. 

Japanese Fabric - Echino Helicopter Black

Using Japanese Fabric for your next upholstering project is a fantastic idea as shown by Jennifer on her "I was told to get a hobby" Blog.  Below is the Before and After picture of her upholstery project and the result is absolutely stunning.

Jennifer used Etsuko Furuya fabric called Helicopter black.  Helicopter Black is part of the Echino Fabric Collection designed by famous Japanese designer Etsuko Furuya.  What a wonderful way to use this stunning Japanese Fabric.
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