Soul Blossom Fabric Collection by Amy Butler

The Amy Butler Soul Blossoms' collection is her interpretation of an enchanted, modern passage through the floral delights of India.  Through her Soul Blossoms Collection, Amy Butler is sharing a visual story of her experience traveling through India. Her inspiration for this collection was the culture, rich colors, amazing textiles and ornate architecture of India.

Here are some inspiring pictures that were found on the Amy Butler Design website.

This gorgeous sleeveless top was made using the Amy Butler Peacock Feathers Bright Pear design.

The wall on this picture was decorated with various fabric designs from the Soul Blossom Collection.  The left pillow on the chair was made with the Peacock Feathers fabric as well.  The pillow on the right side was made using the Amy Butler Dancing Paisley Lemon fabric design. 

Go back to school with this romantic handbag.  The main fabric used is the Passion Lily Fern fabric and the handles and ruffles were made using the Dancing Paisley Lemon fabric as well.    

As you can see, the fabrics from the Soul Blossom Collection by Amy Butler can be used for so many creative projects.  Let your imagination takes its course!


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