Moda Fabric Baby Blanket

If you are planning on making a baby blanket or baby quilt, why not make life easy for yourself and use a Moda Honey Bun to make your next quilt? A Moda Honey Bun consists of 40 pre cut fabrics strips; each strip measures 1.5" X 44" and you get one fabric strip from each of the fabric designs in that specific Moda fabric collection. The Honey Bun is cut perfectly and rolled perfectly by Moda. All you need to do is unroll the Honey Bun and you are ready to do.

Look at this adorable quilt that was made by V and Co and featured on the Moda Bake Shop.

For this specific baby blanket, V and Co is using a Moda Aviary Honey Bun that features soft color and pretty floral prints. Perfect for a baby blanket. In addition to the honey bun you just need a little bit of fabric for the binding and backing.

To get the step by step instructions from V and Co, click here.

There are many advantageous to using pre cut fabric like this Moda Honey Bun. First of all, you will get an entire Moda fabric collection in one fabric roll. All fabric designs are perfectly coordinated and perfectly cut by the manufacturer. Who does not want to get started on their creative project immediately without having to spend time on cutting the fabric?


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