Amy Butler - Dandelion Field

The Dandelion Field Forest Green fabric design is part of Amy Butler’s new Daisy Chain Collection. This fabric design was inspired by the fresh floral and simplicity of dandelions in the wild. You will never encounter troubles in thinking of new ideas for this exciting fabric design. This design will surely fit your ideas for a new baby girl sling bag or an additional cover for your stroller. You can never run out of things you would like to do with this fabric design at your sight. The beauty of the dandelions can be seen when all of them are all together as one flower. This fabric is made from the finest quality of cotton and it is light weight fabric.
The uniqueness of the Dandelion Field Rose makes this fabric design part of Daisy Chain Collection. This fabric is will surely fit all projects because it has the perfect weight for curtain up to any quilting projects you have in mind. This new fabric designs of Amy Butler will surely brighten any projects you are planning to do.


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