Why Do Quilters Prefer Moda Fabric?

Ask any quilter about their favorite fabrics and you can be sure that Moda fabric ranks high on the list. There are several reasons behind the popularity of Moda fabric. The most important reason is the quality of the fabric. Moda fabrics are of an extremely high quality, are soft and pleasant to touch and have a high thread count. These reasons are enough to make Moda fabrics stand out among all other fabrics.

Moda fabrics come in a variety of themes and designs. There are numerous themes such as seasons, planets, nature and celebration. With so many different themes, quilters have more opportunities to experiment with the fabric and use the themes they prefer.
Pictures of Moda Fabric

MODA Nest Perched Yellow

MODA Bistro Mosaic Green

MODA Circles in Squares

Usually Moda fabrics are forty-two inches in size and are made mostly out of cotton. The designs and themes are constantly updated and as such, the variety available for quilters is immense. Thus, with so many features, it is natural that Moda fabric is one of the most favored fabrics by all the quilters.


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