Designer Fabric Handbags

Etsy seller AnnyAndMe features a wide variety of textile products ranging from clothing, furniture slipcovers, home draperies and highly fashionable yet super functional accessory garments such as purses and bags. Her bags and purses all boost with so much attitude that each and every design entails real drama and superb sense of style.

Delila Bag Echino Woods – this wonderful large bag is made from Etsuko Furuya fabric called Deer forest grey fabric that’s why the material itself is oozing with rich personality and stunning appearance. This Echino fabric created bag features subtle colours of grey with complimentary patterns of black, white and brown that creates an illusion of delicate yet theatrical sense of style.

Delila Bag Wildflowers – with strong eccentric colors of magenta and deep plum, this designer fabric created bag will surely compliment a brave and flamboyant attitude. Made from Joel Dewberry fabric featuring Wildflowers mulberry fabric design, expect an uber fashionable bag that is durable yet affordable. Home decor fabrics like this can be converted into something gorgeous yet useful all with the help of Etsy seller AnnyAndMe.


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