Echino Fabric Scraps

Are you one of ones that never throw away any scrap fabrics?  Well, I am definitely guilty of that.  Every bit of scrap fabric is valuable and there are tons of creative projects that scrap fabric can be used for.  Look at these little quilt squares that was made using Echino Fabric scraps.  This picture was found on the Film In The Fridge Blog

These little quilt blog can be done in a swift.  And you don't need a lot of scrap fabric to make them either. 

You could use one of these blog quilts to make a loved one some potholders.

Or you can sew them together and make a day bed quilt.

How about sewing them together to make a new grocery bag?

Let your imagination take its course.  No matter what creative project you will be working next, these Echino Fabric scraps are not just affordable but you will be sure to be inspired by looking at the beauty of these Japanese fabric designs.


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