Michael Miller - Waterlily

This extraordinaire fabric was inspired by the flowers that are solitary, colorful and fragrant. The characteristics of the flower with leaves that float on the surface make it a fine subject for a fabric design. The color mixture of the Michael Miller – Waterlily Blush fabric makes it so exquisite because of the multi pink colors and a touch of shade of green that acts as the leaves. You can relax by just imagining this flowers floating freely in the pond. Using this fabric for your decorating need will surely bring the pond right in your home.

The Michael Miller – Waterlily Meadow fabric will surely attract and tempt you to touch the flower. The combination of light green and white colors for the flower makes it so cool to the eyes. Making you think that you should have a pond right at your door step. This wonder fabrics are available at ImagineFabric.

The fabric designs were made for Michael Miller as part of the Ginger Blossom collection of Sandi Henderson.


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