Alexander Henry Viceroy Home Decor Fabric

The Viceroy Black & White Home decor fabric design makes it a timeless and exquisite fabric design. The viceroy makes is simply stunning and this fabric is made part of the Fashion for Home Premier Collection by Alexander Henry. Simple yet elegant, this fabric can add color to a dull environment. The design makes you relax and think of the beautiful things around us. It is made from the finest quality of oxford cloth cotton and the design is printed on a 45” wide fabric. The design is also available in Viceroy Green & White Home decor fabric which has a strong effect on visitors. The white background clearly indicates the stunning design and it is clearly seen by the viewer. The simple design of the fabric makes it a great fabric for simple people. The design can be match with every POS. The elegance of green and simple ideas makes this fabric a must have for the home.


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