Kaffe Fassett Lake Blossom

From the family of painters comes an artist that is a free spirit, Kaffe Fassett has been in the industry for the past 40 years. His keen eye for details and his unabashed love of deep rich colors that makes his design a foundation in the quilting world. The Lake Blossom Red fabric design has a magnificent mixture of colors that makes it so special and it reaches you to shop more of that design. The design concepts are truly amazing and it is also available in two more colors, taupe and yellow. With an artist coming from a line of artist makes this fabric design so especial and unique. The Lake Blossom Taupe is an example of simplicity yet it depicts that the artist is carefully choosing the color used in the design. The flower concept makes it a fabric design that every home must have. Upon seeing the taupe color of the fabric, you will feel the soothing effect and elegant of the color taupe. The Lake Blossom Yellow, the fabric design that is an eye catcher to your visitors’ once they see this fabric design. The fabric design is full of vibrant and colors that is very refreshing to the eye. This product is made from the finest cotton, and it is available in 44”/45”. You can be assured of a nice and soothing atmosphere.


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