Joel Dewberry's Bloom Design

Joel Dewberry's Bloom fabric is part of the Ginseng Home Decor Weight Fabric Collection. The Joel Dewberry Fabric - Bloom Chocolate is the ideal fabric for light upholstery, curtains and many more. It is made from 100% Cotton Sateen and the design is inspired by the flowers natural way of growing. The sophisticated flower print design will surely add beauty to your home. With this three fabulous fabric designs, you can imagine all things that you can make with this fabric.

With the Joel Dewberry Fabric - Bloom Raspberry will surely entice your mind to sit back and relax while looking at your curtains and pillows made from this fabric. The design is just amazing because the design itself can bring the true beauty of all your creations made from this fabric. The last design under Bloom is the Joel Dewberry Fabric - Bloom Sand. The fabric can stand from the rest with its unique color blending. The colors affect the design and it gives more beauty to the fabric.


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