Asian Fabric from Robert Kaufman

This exquisite and symbolic geisha design is part of the Kawaii fabric Collection of Robert Kaufman. The fabric motif was inspired by the classic Japanese paintings of geisha girls. The design features many colorful pictures of geisha outlined on a black background. This is one of my favorite Asian fabrics that were designed by Robert Kaufman. With his artistic ideas, he was able to produce his Kawaii Collection. The bright combination of colors makes it so noticeable and you just can't stop from buying it. This is a fabric design that promotes Japanese customs. Once you display, you will see the beauty of this work. The fabric is made from the highest quality of cotton which is suitable for quilting and home decorating.

Robert Kaufman Kawaii Asian Cherry Blossom

Another inspiring design from Robert Kaufman. The cherry blossom design is symbolic and is very special to the Japanese people. When you see a cherry blossom, you will be reminded of how beautiful one's life is. The motif has a modern touch, using vibrant colors to make the fabric design enticing. When I saw this fabric, it reminds me of the beautiful scenery in Japan during the blossoming of the cherry tree. The cherry blossom flower symbolizes many things mainly feminine beauty. Using the artistry concept of Robert Kaufman, this fabric design will surely give your home a vibrant feeling and will always be reminded of the blooming of the cherry tree. The fabric is made from the finest quality of cotton. This fabric design is part of Robert Kaufman's classic collection.

Black and White Throw Pillows

There's something about black and white that brings an unmeasured ellegance and timeless style to a room. It's a classical, but also has modern look that will never go out of style. When I think of decorating, I always look for black and white accent pieces to bring balance to my room. An easy way to bring a touch of black and white is to use throw pillows. Black and white throw pillows are very easy, but there are so many styles available that you're sure to find a style that's a perfect fit for you.
Even black and white floral pillows will appeal to both sexes. Most men don't care for floral anything, let alone having floral throw pillows on his couch. You really can't blame him though. What guys wants to watch the Greenbay Packers while laying on a floral pillow. But take a look at these black and white floral pillows. They have a great, unique style that doesn't scream shabby chic.

Both of these floral black and white pillows will work great for the home.

If you're looking for a modern black and white pillow than I've got to show you two more.

The pillow to the right is the Marimekko BonBon that is a great black and white modern pillow. Very stylish for the home.

Another long time favorite is the black and white swirls pillow. This pillow is classic but has a modern twist.

Amy Butler Pink Bliss Fabric Quilt

When I saw pictures of the beautiful quilt made with Amy Butler Fabric, I had to share it with all of you. Amy Butler and her team designed this Pink Bliss Quilt for Breast Cancer Research. There is no better reason to make a quilt than for this cause.

The step by step instructions on how to create this Amy Butler Fabric quilt is available at the allpeoplequilt website. This gorgeous quilt is great for beginners as you would primarily work with Fat Quarters. If you are a beginner, you are probably wondering what a Fat Quarter is. Here is the great What is a Fat Quarter? Tutorial that will explain to you what a Fat Quarter is and what you can do with a Fat Quarter.

All Amy Butler Fabric designs used for this Quilt is part of the Belle Collection. Amy Butler's Belle Collection has now been discontinued but you can still purchase the designs with online fabric retailers. Take a look at the variety of Amy Butler Fabrics available at Imagine Fabric. Not only do they offer a great selection of Amy Butler Fabric and other top fabric designers, the prices are great and they offer a $4.95 flat rate shipping rate no matter how much you order.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Upholstery Fabric

Upholstery fabric is a strong, high thread cotton fabric that is tightly woven that is used in upholstery, drapery, and home d├ęcor. The expense for upholstery fabric is higher than that of other fabrics for two main reasons. First, the manufacturing process and raw material used in upholstery fabric is far more than regular cotton fabrics. Secondly, upholstery fabric is 55” wide compared to 44” wide quilt fabric. You not only get 11” more of fabric, but the cotton thread count is 2-3 times that of normal fabric. These factors will increase the cost. Often, with upholstery fabric you will need several yards to complete your project so the cost can relatively high if you’re not careful. Here are a few factors to consider when purchasing upholstery fabric so you are sure to get what you need.

  • Style

  • Color

  • Durability

  • Thread Count

  • Fade & Stain Resistant

  • Comfort

  • Imported
The obvious starting point for upholstery fabric is style and color. However, I recommend that you also consider two other major factors. First, if you’re on a budget, you need to check to see if it’s imported. As soon as you say the word “imported” you can expect the price to increase 2-5 times compared to fabric made in the USA. I know how beautiful some of the fabric from Asia, Middle East, and Europe can be, but if you’re cost conscious then look for fabric manufactured in America.

Secondly, you need to consider the usage of the fabric. If the fabric is going to be used for seating and will receive high-traffic, than you need to consider the durability and thread count of the fabric. By spending the extra money in high quality cotton fabric will protect your investment.

Another factor to consider if the fabric will be in a high-use environment is if the fabric is stain resistant. One spill could ruin the upholstery. This is easily avoided by purchasing stain resistant upholstery.

Taking these factors into consideration, along with of course aesthetics can greatly benefit your shopping experience and ensure you’ll get the perfect upholstery fabric for your needs.

Please see for a large selection of the finest upholstery fabrics.

Alexander Henry - Sofia Orange Home Decor Fabric

The mixture of vibrant and colorful design makes this fabric pleasing to the eyes. The flower design is so lovely that it makes your living room like a garden full of flowers. The large floral design is created by Alexander Henry and it is part of his premier collection of decorator-weight fabric. The fabric weighs 8.7 ounces per square yard and 55 inches wide with a 9 inches wide Sofia flower design. You can see the creativity of the designer judging from the color and background used. The Sofia Orange Home decor fabric is made from the finest quality of cotton. The fabric is good for your chairs, throw pillows or even for your bed. With this fabric design, you can bring the garden inside your home.

Alexander Henry Mint Bird Seed Fabric

This artistic and nature motif was made possible by Alexander Henry. The Bird Seed Mint Green fabric design is one home decor that you need to have in your sofa. It will make your living room one with nature. With a mint green background adorned with birds eating seeds, this fabric is truly an amazing cover. It makes you think the era wherein every little thing was made and filled with love. It is made from the finest quality of cotton. This design comes from the "In The Kitchen" collection by Alexander Henry. Seeing the design makes you relax and your mind will wander in places where you can see lots of bird feeding. This Alexander Henry fabric design will surely make you buy for more.

Heather Bailey Fabric - Fresh Cut Collection

The Fresh Cut Fabric Collection by Heather Bailey is her debut collection designed exclusively for Free Spirit. Heather Bailey is successful in combining vintage nostalgia and modern design in this beautiful and fun fabric collection. There are multiple floral patterns in gorgeous color palettes in this Heather Bailey fabric collection, you will have no problems coming up with creative ideas looking at these design.

To download the free quilt pattern to make the above featured quilt, click here.

All of Heather Bailey's Fresh Cut Fabric designs are available on sale at Imagine Fabric right now. This Heather Bailey collection has now been discontinued so you may not want to miss out on getting these gorgeous designs for such a great price.

Moda Fabric Checkbook

I found this cute checkbook make out of Moda Fabric on Etsy made by ModDiva. Isn't this green paisley checkbook the cutest thing?

Fabric used for this checkbook is from the Moda Swanky Collection designed by Chez Moi. The fabric is very pretty (green is one of my favorite color) and the swirly stitching make this piece even more interesting.

Moda is a leading manufacturer for designer quilting fabric. What I love about Moda the most is the variety of pre-cut fabric they make available. For anyone who love to sew and quilt but does not like to cut fabric, using Moda pre-cut fabric is most advantageous.

I think a Moda Layer Cake would be a great option to make little projects like this checkbook. A Moda Layer Cake usually consists of 40 pre cut fabric squares that measure 10" x 10". This way, you can complete a small craft project without having to waste so much fabric. Love it.

Joel Dewberry Deer Valley Fabric Quilt Pattern

Joel Dewberry just released his newest fabric collection last month and it is called Deer Valley Collection. This is how Joel Dewberry describes his newest fabric collection that was designed exclusively for Free Spirit: " A peaceful and beautiful collection of rustic prints inspired by mountain meadoes and the occassional passing deer." Looking at all the fabric designs in the Deer Valley Collection, I don't think you can say it any better than that.

Click here to get the Deer Valley Quilt pattern that is provided by Free Spirit.

Here are my 3 most favorite designs from the Joel Dewberry Deer Valley Collection:

1: Joel Dewberry Architectural Sky from the Deer Valley Collection.

2: Joel Dewberry Mountain Gem Sky from the Deer Valley Collection.

3: Joel Dewberry Antler Damask Sky from the Deer Valley Collection.

All these beautiful Joel Dewberry fabric designs can be found at Imagine Fabric.

Pre-Cut Fabric

Quilting has been around for thousands of years. Some believe it began in the early Egyptian era where mummified pharaohs were found wearing quilts. Back in those days, quilting was extremely hard work where the cotton had to be spun by hand and the fabric pieced together using rudimentary instruments.

Thankfully, today it's much easier where we have a seemingly endless supply of different fabric available to us from online retailers. It's easy to choose the fabrics that compliment each other from the comfort of your home.

It's even become easier in recent years with the introduction of pre-cut fabric. There aren't a lot of companies selling pre-cut fabric these days but one of the most popular companies is Moda Fabrics. Moda fabric has an amazingly wide selection of pre-cut fat quarters, charm packs, layer cakes, jelly rolls, and honey buns. Buying pre-cut fabric makes it even easier for us quilters because now we don't have to spend time cutting squares and strips.

  • A Moda Jelly Roll contains 40 pre-cut fabric strips each measuring 2.5" x 44". Each fabric strip is from the same fabric collection so they are perfectly complimentary to each other.

  • A Moda Honey Bun is basically identical to a Moda Jelly Roll except the fabric strips are 1.5" wide.

  • Fat quarters are a quarter yard of fabric that are cut lengthwise. So if the fabric is 44" wide you end up with a fat quarter that is 18" x 22".

  • a Moda Layer cakes consists of 40 pre-cut fabric squares. Each fabric square measures 10" x 10".

  • A Moda Charm Pack contains fabric squares that measure 5" x 5". The number of squares in each Moda Charm Pack depends on the fabric collection.
A great selection of Moda Fabric including Moda Jelly Rolls, Moda Honey Buns, Moda Fat Quarter Bundles, Moda Layer Cakes and Moda Charms Packs are available at Imagine Fabric. They also have the best prices on Moda products compared to other sellers.

Free Spirit Sundrop Large Fleur Lavender

The Sundrop Large Fleur Lavender is a very stylish fabric that has a unique blending when it comes to its color and design. The design itself is very simple yet it gives you a sense of sophistication and originality. Sundrop Large Fleur Lavender was inspired by contemporary coordinated prints done in a lovely fresh palette. It is made from 100% light weight cotton. The flower design makes the fabric easy to notice. This fabric will give a house a certain look that will make it warm for the neighbors and visitors. This is one of the best product designs by Dena.

Amy Butler Fabric - Nigella Collection

I just heard from a source that is going to receive a huge shipment of Amy Butler Nigella Collection fabric. The Nigella Collection is home decor weight fabric, but has a soft and subtle feel to it. This fabric is verstatile enough for lots of projects including making purses, pillows, covering chairs, and even quilting. You might not think this fabric would work well for quilts, but trust me, it's just fine.

Amy Butler Fabric from the Nigella Collection is so versatile and very popular with purse designers.
I found these great designs on an etsy account at ModDiva. The top purse is a design using Passion Vines River and the second one is Imperial Fans Celery. Both purses are using fabric from Amy Butler's Nigella Collection. Just let your imagination run wild with creative ideas of what you can make with this home decor fabric.

Welcome To Throw Pillows and Fabric

There nothing in life that I love more than decorating my home with throw pillows. Throw pillows allow me change the look of my couch with out spending a lot of money. I know throw pillows come in many sizes and shapes, but I prefer the traditional square shape that are sized between 18" and 26". What I try to do when I'm picking a throw pillow is first look at the background then try to find either a complimentary design, or one that will balance the couch. For example if I have a couch that is a solid color, I will try find a floral or geometric throw pillow to offset the colors. This really makes the room and couch pop when when you do this. Some of my favorite throw pillows can be found at Here are just a few that I like...
The pillow on the right is a beautiful floral throw pillow that uses Marimekko fabric. The lime green flowers with hints of blue are great. You probably wouldn't think these two colors go well together but they do.

The pillow on the lower left is a black and white floral throw pillow. This pillow uses home decor fabric from Alexander Henry. The home decor fabric is soft and subtle to the touch but is also machine washable and will last for a long time.
Thank you for visiting Throw Pillows and Fabric. We hope that you enjoy the creativity and showcase of all the styles on our blog.
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