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There nothing in life that I love more than decorating my home with throw pillows. Throw pillows allow me change the look of my couch with out spending a lot of money. I know throw pillows come in many sizes and shapes, but I prefer the traditional square shape that are sized between 18" and 26". What I try to do when I'm picking a throw pillow is first look at the background then try to find either a complimentary design, or one that will balance the couch. For example if I have a couch that is a solid color, I will try find a floral or geometric throw pillow to offset the colors. This really makes the room and couch pop when when you do this. Some of my favorite throw pillows can be found at Here are just a few that I like...
The pillow on the right is a beautiful floral throw pillow that uses Marimekko fabric. The lime green flowers with hints of blue are great. You probably wouldn't think these two colors go well together but they do.

The pillow on the lower left is a black and white floral throw pillow. This pillow uses home decor fabric from Alexander Henry. The home decor fabric is soft and subtle to the touch but is also machine washable and will last for a long time.


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