Pre-Cut Fabric

Quilting has been around for thousands of years. Some believe it began in the early Egyptian era where mummified pharaohs were found wearing quilts. Back in those days, quilting was extremely hard work where the cotton had to be spun by hand and the fabric pieced together using rudimentary instruments.

Thankfully, today it's much easier where we have a seemingly endless supply of different fabric available to us from online retailers. It's easy to choose the fabrics that compliment each other from the comfort of your home.

It's even become easier in recent years with the introduction of pre-cut fabric. There aren't a lot of companies selling pre-cut fabric these days but one of the most popular companies is Moda Fabrics. Moda fabric has an amazingly wide selection of pre-cut fat quarters, charm packs, layer cakes, jelly rolls, and honey buns. Buying pre-cut fabric makes it even easier for us quilters because now we don't have to spend time cutting squares and strips.

  • A Moda Jelly Roll contains 40 pre-cut fabric strips each measuring 2.5" x 44". Each fabric strip is from the same fabric collection so they are perfectly complimentary to each other.

  • A Moda Honey Bun is basically identical to a Moda Jelly Roll except the fabric strips are 1.5" wide.

  • Fat quarters are a quarter yard of fabric that are cut lengthwise. So if the fabric is 44" wide you end up with a fat quarter that is 18" x 22".

  • a Moda Layer cakes consists of 40 pre-cut fabric squares. Each fabric square measures 10" x 10".

  • A Moda Charm Pack contains fabric squares that measure 5" x 5". The number of squares in each Moda Charm Pack depends on the fabric collection.
A great selection of Moda Fabric including Moda Jelly Rolls, Moda Honey Buns, Moda Fat Quarter Bundles, Moda Layer Cakes and Moda Charms Packs are available at Imagine Fabric. They also have the best prices on Moda products compared to other sellers.


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