Moda Fabric Checkbook

I found this cute checkbook make out of Moda Fabric on Etsy made by ModDiva. Isn't this green paisley checkbook the cutest thing?

Fabric used for this checkbook is from the Moda Swanky Collection designed by Chez Moi. The fabric is very pretty (green is one of my favorite color) and the swirly stitching make this piece even more interesting.

Moda is a leading manufacturer for designer quilting fabric. What I love about Moda the most is the variety of pre-cut fabric they make available. For anyone who love to sew and quilt but does not like to cut fabric, using Moda pre-cut fabric is most advantageous.

I think a Moda Layer Cake would be a great option to make little projects like this checkbook. A Moda Layer Cake usually consists of 40 pre cut fabric squares that measure 10" x 10". This way, you can complete a small craft project without having to waste so much fabric. Love it.


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