Joel Dewberry Deer Valley Fabric Quilt Pattern

Joel Dewberry just released his newest fabric collection last month and it is called Deer Valley Collection. This is how Joel Dewberry describes his newest fabric collection that was designed exclusively for Free Spirit: " A peaceful and beautiful collection of rustic prints inspired by mountain meadoes and the occassional passing deer." Looking at all the fabric designs in the Deer Valley Collection, I don't think you can say it any better than that.

Click here to get the Deer Valley Quilt pattern that is provided by Free Spirit.

Here are my 3 most favorite designs from the Joel Dewberry Deer Valley Collection:

1: Joel Dewberry Architectural Sky from the Deer Valley Collection.

2: Joel Dewberry Mountain Gem Sky from the Deer Valley Collection.

3: Joel Dewberry Antler Damask Sky from the Deer Valley Collection.

All these beautiful Joel Dewberry fabric designs can be found at Imagine Fabric.


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