Amy Butler Fabric - Nigella Collection

I just heard from a source that is going to receive a huge shipment of Amy Butler Nigella Collection fabric. The Nigella Collection is home decor weight fabric, but has a soft and subtle feel to it. This fabric is verstatile enough for lots of projects including making purses, pillows, covering chairs, and even quilting. You might not think this fabric would work well for quilts, but trust me, it's just fine.

Amy Butler Fabric from the Nigella Collection is so versatile and very popular with purse designers.
I found these great designs on an etsy account at ModDiva. The top purse is a design using Passion Vines River and the second one is Imperial Fans Celery. Both purses are using fabric from Amy Butler's Nigella Collection. Just let your imagination run wild with creative ideas of what you can make with this home decor fabric.


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