Stay Mellow with Yellow

Yellow is not just yellow.  It cannot be ignored.  I can set several moods including mellow, subdued, or tranquil. It's one of the only colors that can set so many moods and say so much about the person who uses it their homes.

Using yellow throw pillows is a great way to change the mood in a home.  Simply placing yellow pillows on your couch, or strategically around your living room can bring a new mood to the room. 
If you're not ready for yellow pillows, you can try adding yellow room accents. Adding Yellow vases and flowers into your living room creates a wonderful and very inviting space which is neutral to both men and women. Another idea is to add Yellow throw pillows. This can brighten up a dull couch and breathe new life into a boring room.

Using the color yellow can be is fun and very exciting as what the color portraits. You just have to discover what kind of style processing you would interject this nice color in. Having Yellow accent pieces like vases, pillow covers, candle holders make this color safe and very usable. Once you begin using this color you'll be able to immediately see a difference in your room and the attitude of the occupants.


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