Orange Fabric is So Versatile

One of the easiest colors to use in craft projects or decorating is orange.  If you have a passion for orange, then you probably already have a great selection of designer fabrics that you can choose from to start your special project. For your convenience we have compiled just a few of our favorite projects how you can use this fabric.

Orange is such a versatile color that you can use it make a beautiful quilt or perhaps a baby blanket. This is a great way to show your admiration for a loved one, or someone who is about to have a baby. What better way is there to show you really care than to make a baby blanket out of orange fabric. Anyone who receives a quilt knows how much love and time goes into making a project like this.

Another idea for orange fabric is to use it to make pillow covers for your sofa. This is such a versatile color that it can easily be coordinated in a living or bedroom that is sure to brighten up a dull room. Perhaps this color will also change the mood of the room and its occupants by just updating the cushions.

There is also a trend by do-it-yourselfers to make your own handbags using orange fabrics. If you have a sewing machine and scissors you have everything you need to start making your own tote or messenger bag. If you need help with a style there are lots of patterns that you can purchase so you can make yourself a hobo bag or beach bag in just the color fabric that you want. Also, this makes a great gift for someone else. Think about how special the gift will be to know that it was handmade by you.

Another great idea for orange fabric is to use it to make curtains. Orange is a very versatile color that works well against many walls and is easy to use to cover your windows. This color is perfect and easy to coordinate without over powering your accent pieces and furniture. If you're going to use this color for drapes just be sure that you purchase or grab from your stash enough fabric to cover your entire window.

Another use for this versatile fabric is to use it for creating a wall hanging. A wall hanging is fabric draped over a frame that can be used to create an inexpensive piece of art to hang on your walls. You can purchase the frame at a local craft store for less than ten dollars and cover it with fabric for a complete piece or art for less than twenty dollars.

All of these craft ideas are perfect for orange fabric. Using your imagination, and a sewing machine you have everything you need to make any of these items for your home with very little expense to you. Also, these projects are great gift ideas for Christmas that will let your relative know that you really care.


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