Chestnut Floral Stripe Accent Pillow

The Chestnut Floral Stripe Accent Pillow is truly a wonderful piece of pillow. Its design reminds you of the tropical environment wherein you can relax and stay away from your busy day to day activities. It also gives a soothing and inviting atmosphere to just lie down and enjoy relaxing at your sofa or even at your room. These are just some of the many wonders that this pillow can bring to your living room. The Chestnut Floral Stripe Accent Pillow is made from the highest quality of light weight cotton fabric that is machine washable. This pillow can fit in any way you like it may be daytime or night time piece of accent. The pillow has been finished with seams and its closure is envelope type. The color blending is so soft for the eyes and its flower design is so relaxing. The Chestnut Floral Stripe Accent Pillow will surely remind you that you need to lie down and relax. This is made possible by ImagineThrowPillows.


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